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Bella Care blotting papers are by far our most popular papers. Made of abaca pulp and natural materials, they effectively absorb excess oil, allowing quick and easy touch-ups throughout the day. More than this, Beauty Powder papers can work out to absorb excess oil and blush your face by choosing right color tone in the meantime. Beauty Blush could be as well as helping your rosy cheeks. Their compact size means you can pop them in your wallet for everyday use or a teeny tiny clutch for an evening out.

All-natural oil blotting papers by Bella Care are the finest quality, all-natural beauty blots that absorb excess oil from your face for easy touch-ups all day long. Bella Care's Original Unscented oil blotting sheets are the perfect travel size, and preferred by those with sensitive skin. Generous packets of 100 sheets are such a great value, you won't mind sharing them with a friend or two.

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